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Editorial photography | Commercial fashion photography | Model test shoots
Whether you're looking for a big creative editorial campaign, or a spot of commercial photography to advertise your brand, we will produce high quality images which fit into your style.

Which type of photography should you choose?
- EDITORIAL shoots generally have a more creative concept, they tell a story and are often used alongside text either in print, digital magazine or a blog. In recent years the fashion world have seen a rise in "advertorials" which is a blend of editorial and advertisement, generally seen a lot on social media. Making the advert look more like a typical editorial reduces the appearance of a "hard sell"; it makes the clothing items look appealing to the viewer without them realising they're consuming an advertisement. 
- COMMERCIAL shoots are all about the product and showcasing it in the best light possible; they adhere to brand guidelines. They can still be creative, but are just less about telling a story and more about boos
ting sales of a specific item.

We also offer model portfolio test shoots.

Please contact us on if you're interested.

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