We know how important family history is for so many people. Do you ever look fondly at an old black and white or sepia image of your ancestors, and can't help but feel you'd connect more deeply with the people in it if they were in colour? That's totally normal, and we can help!

We will take your old photograph and bring it to life with naturalistic colour editing and scratch/dust/watermark restoration. You'd think the photo was taken yesterday!

Use the slider on each image to see the before and after results.

£20 - For standard photo restoration, getting rid of scratches and mild damage, but keeping the image in its original black and white form.

£25 - For severe photo restoration where the image has been severely damaged or the damage is over faces. Keeping image in its original black and white form.

£30 - Standard restoration PLUS full colourisation. Adding naturalistic colours to the entire image.

£35 - Severe restoration PLUS full colourisation.

+£5 per physical print


1) Do I get a physical or digital copy of the final image?

You will always receive a full resolution digital copy, however you can choose to get a physical print as well. We charge £5 per A4 or A5 print. 

2) How do I get the original image to you?

The most efficient option would be to email us a scan or good quality photograph of the original photo, so we can work on that. However if you can't get a high quality digital copy to us, we will require the hard copy. You can drop it off with us in South Shields, we will return it to you upon completion of the job.

3) Do you charge for pick-up and delivery?
If you have ordered a physical print, we can deliver to you free of charge within 15 miles of South Shields. Any further and we will need to charge a small fee. 
On the other hand, you are welcome to pick up your print from us in South Shields at an agreed time.

4) How do I know if my image needs standard or severe restoration?

If you're unsure, we can assess the image and let you know before beginning any work. 

5) How long will it take?

It can range from 1 - 7 days depending on the severity of the damage, how much detail or faces are in the image, and other factors. We will give you a rough estimate once we have assessed your photo.

6) How do you know what colours to use?

A lot of the time we can narrow it down based on the particular shade of grey, however some educated guesswork will be involved. We will research fashion and interior design from the era of the photograph, to get a better idea of what colours would have been popular. It is easy to tell the difference between blonde and dark hair, however red hair can sometimes be difficult to detect, so please advise us if you know exactly what hair colour a person in the photo had. Similarly if you have any other insider knowledge such as vehicle or clothing colours, please let us know!

7) Can I see the result before paying? 

Yes, we will restore/colourise the image and send a watermarked version to you to proof-check, along with your invoice. If you are happy with it, please make your payment and once received we will send you a full-res un-watermarked version, and if you have chosen the print option, we will begin printing your image and let you know once it's ready to pickup or be delivered.
If you're not 100% happy with the proof image, please let us know how we can improve it. 


Please get in touch via the contact form below if you have a photograph you'd like restoring or colouring and we'll discuss the next steps with you. 
Thank you!

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