Latest: Bumbling About

8 short episodes for 3-7 year olds & families

Whilst theatres and other entertainment venues are still struggling to open to large audiences due to the ongoing global pandemic, digital work is more popular than ever.

We recently filmed a series of 8 short episodes for the brilliant theatre company
Kitchen Zoo (The Tin Foil Astronaut, Wolf, The Three Bears, The Emperor's New Clothes), co-commissioned by ARC Stockton and Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham.

Bumbling About follows a couple of gardeners (Bert & Gert) and their trusty daffodil sidekick (Dilly), as they discover different types of bees and make fun garden crafts.

The pocket sized films are aimed at 3-7 yr olds but the whole family can enjoy!

Each episode includes closed captions, and a BSL version for each episode (by the brilliant Faye Alvi) can also be found on the Youtube playlists.


A new episode was released every day of the Easter break, from 2nd - 9th April by ARC Stockton and Queen's Hall on Youtube, and are still available to watch in all their glory. 


Photo Restoration & Colourisation

We know how important family history is for so many people. Do you ever look fondly at an old black and white or sepia image of your ancestors, and can't help but feel you'd connect more deeply with the people in it if they were in colour? That's totally normal, and we can help!

We will take your old photograph and bring it to life with naturalistic colour editing and scratch/dust/watermark restoration. You'd think the photo was taken yesterday!