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Full Show Filming:

  • The whole show will be filmed with up to three cinema grade cameras - 1x wide static shot and 2x mid/close ups

  • We will take an XLR feed from the venue's sound desk to get the best possible audio, and can provide mics depending on the nature of the performance.

  • We provide full post production - colour grading, cutting between cameras, balancing audio, and adding titles, credits and logos.

  • The film will be delivered to you as an online link which you can stream or download. 

  • We are happy to make as many amendments to the film as needed until the final piece is exactly how you want it.

Show Trailers:

  • If we are already filming the full show, we can then create a trailer made from that footage. 

  • Another option is to film some short clips separate from the show, with the sole purpose of creating a trailer.

Audience Vox Pops:

  • We can capture audience reactions as they exit the performance at the end.

  • It can be daunting to speak to a camera as a member of the public when you're not used to it, so we always keep the vox pops as natural as possible just catching people in friendly conversation as they flock into the foyer rather than setting up a specific filming area.

Behind the scenes, access videos and "Meet the Team":

  • We can come into your rehearsals and capture some behind the scenes footage. We'll create a 30-90 second video which you could share on social media to create a buzz ahead of the show. 

  • Access videos are incredibly important for inclusivity in theatre, whether this is a BSL clip or a guided tour of the venue. 

  • "Meet the Team" videos are great for giving people an insight into how the show has come together, and shining a spotlight on the people who have helped create it. 

Get in touch at for any more info or a personalised quote.

This trailer was made from full show footage.
'The Tin Foil Astronaut' by Kitchen Zoo, filmed at ARC Stockton
This behind the scenes video was filmed during a one hour session in rehearsals.
'This Show is Rubbish' filmed at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle
In this vox pops video we combined audience reactions with show footage. Everything was filmed on one evening.
'Soapbox Racer' filmed at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle
Trailers made from show footage
'The Bat with No Bite' by Triple Treat filmed at Northern Stage, Newcastle
'A Street Like This' by Unfolding Theatre filmed at Sunderland Fire Station
'The Body on The Moor' by Drama in the Dales, a promenade piece filmed at Killhope Lead Mining Museum
'Nine Songs' filmed at Dance City, Newcastle
'Chicken Licken A Tale Jam' by Ruth Johnson filmed at Gala Durham
'My Mate Ren' by Sticky Theatre, filmed at Live Theatre Newcastle
Trailers made from scratch
'No. 9' by Anna Robinson, filmed during a one hour trailer session at Alphabetti Theatre Newcastle
'The Devil Danced in Our Eyes' by Jonluke McKie, filmed during a two hour trailer session at Alphabetti Theatre Newcastle
Audience Vox Pops
'Mixtape' by The Six Twenty, a mixture of show footage and audience reactions, filmed in one evening at Live Theatre Newcastle
'Faun' by Cardboard Citizens, audience reactions filmed after a performance at Alphabetti Theatre Newcastle
Behind the scenes, 'Meet the Team' and access videos
'The Bat With No Bite' by Triple Treat. We popped into rehearsals to film some interviews with the cast and creatives, and captured some footage of the team rehearsing.
'We Are The Best' by Live Theatre. We filmed some interviews with two groups of cast members. This is part 2 in a series of 3 short videos which were released on socials ahead of the show.
'Hey Diddle Diddle' by Kitchen Zoo. This Meet the Creatives video was filmed during rehearsals at Northern Stage's Byker location.
'Hey Diddle Diddle' by Kitchen Zoo. This access video was filmed with a member of the Kitchen Zoo team Hannah Goudie-Hunter and BSL interpreter Caroline Ryan, showing audience members what to expect for their Christmas visit to the theatre.
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